I Had a EMG Done for Nerve Damage on my Left Side Flanks Due to Smart Lipo. Why Was the Test Done on my Thigh to my Feet?

No more then 3 weeks later after my surgery on my flanks I have bee in constant pain. I have a tingling feeling and a ache in my left flake. They did the nerve conductive test on my and they say the machine showed no sign of nerve damage. I also had a MRI done on my back and showed no pinced nerves. I don't get it, the tingling feeling has not gone away in over a year since the surgery. This women doctor has does something wrong to me. I am 5"3 weigh 132 pounds. Help!!! What else could it be?

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Pain following liposuction

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I am sorry to hear about your troubles. It is good that your nerve conduction study is normal demonstrating that you do not have significant nerve damage. You may benefit from a trial of medication such as gabapentin (Neurontin) trial of a trigger point injection, etc. Be sure to talk to your physician. You probably have some internal amount of scarring that will probably get better.

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