One week post rhinoplasty revision, how should cartilage graft suture site look?

The area is painful and ear slightly protruding. No bleeding or signs of infection just really rough suture site that looks super jagged with skin bubbles and holes.

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Ear Cartilage Graft Site / Rhinoplasty

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After harvest of an ear cartilage graft the ear is usually quite tender. It can be especially sensitive to touch and pressure for several weeks or months afterwards. It is fairly common to see mild protrusion of the ear until all the swelling has fully resolved. The suture line can look rough and bumpy because of swelling of the skin and the use of self-dissolving sutures. That said, it is always best to see your doctor if you are concerned. Swelling, redness or warmth of the outside portion of the ear is a real concern for infection.

Concerned re ear graft donor site

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Thank you for your question about your revision rhinoplasty

  • You need to contact your surgeon and arrange to be seen.
  • The pain and ear protrusion suggest a possible infection.
  • Infections in the ear can be subtle at first but can cause cartilage damage.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic or Facial Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful.

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