Embedded Suture Inside Tip of Nose Needs to Be Removed?

Former Navy Diver had deviated septum (90% deviation), corrected at Fort Meade, MD., in 1997. to open sinus passages for easier valsalva clearing for deep diving. The nose was broken, I have the complete medical files. Today years later, an unknown foreign object is now present and getting larger. It's position is in the tip forward corner of left septum. It is actually causing rouge color an distortion to distol exterior of nose. Is uncomfortable, I touch it too often, and want it out.

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Lesion on septun

This sounds like a lesion not a foreign body.I would recommend an examination by an ent asap.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Irritation 15 years post Septoplasty

Dear Adam, first and foremost thank you for your service we are a very fortunate country that so many men make sacrifices so we may continue our freedoms. As far as your nasal irritation you need a good evaluation to see what is causing your current problems. Whether it is a foreign body or a lesion a thorough examination will help determine a proper diagnosis and surgical plan.

Michael Elam, MD
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Have the nasal irritation checked out

I would not assume it is a stitch.  It could be a mucosal lesion such as a papilloma or otherwise.  Have it checked out by an ENT.

Matthew Bridges, MD
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Tip Irritation 15 Years Following Septoplasty

I would not ignore this irritation and swelling. It could be a stitch as you suggested.See a nasal surgeon for evaluation and treatment. Finally, thank you for your military service.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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