Does Ematrix Work for Photofacial Burns That Were Deep Like a Curling Iron Burn and Scarring?

I just had photo facial on legs and arms for removal of sun spots. After the procedure I had 8 blisters and burns that looked like deep curling iron burns. When they heal would the e matrix help with the scarring? Or what other options do I have to treat the scars? Thank you

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EMatrix for photofacial burns ?

eMatrix is used to remodel scars once it has healed. First, you need treatment for the burn injury or thermal injury with creams to prevent hyperpigmentation. Once there is healing, the scar can be evaluated for treatment. 

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Photofacial burns

First, it sounds like something was significantly wrong with your Photofacial treatment. These burns you are describing in the shape of the bars of the applicator head happen when either the settings were way too high, or full contact was not made with the skin, allowing the bars to arc and burn the skin. Neither of these are good. Unfortunately, you need to wait for a bit of time to allow the blisters to heal. But I would suggest seeing a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon ASAP. A Matrix RF treatment will not be your answer right away, but it could help in the future. However, you first need to address the burns you have and try to minimize those as much as possible from discoloration - either turning darker or lighter. 


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