Ematrix for Current (Hormonal) Acne Outbreaks

I am considering ematrix for my acne. At 33 & never having had acne in my life, I suddenly 4 months ago started breaking out w/cysts & they have since almost covered my entire left cheek. I started taking spironolactone 15 days ago and am also considering ematrix. My questions is can ematrix be administered with current acne outbreaks that keep reoccurring? I get a new cyst almost every 3-4 days and mostly in the same spots over and over. I do not touch them & wash w/Panoxyl 10% twice daily

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EMatrix will NOT help active acne

I have done hundreds of eMatrix procedures in my office. They do not help with active acne - they help with acne scarring, wrinkles, lines, and boxcars. Your acne needs to be treated with prescriptions. Lasers will help with any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or redness, but they will not help with the current acne you have.

Las Vegas Dermatologist
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EMatrix for Acne Treatment

Sublative rejuvenation with the eMatrix is a very effective procedure to tighten and rejuvenate photoaged skin as well as to improve mild to moderate wrinkles and acne scars. To my knowledge, there are no studies to show that it is effective for the treatment of active acne. There should be no harm in having eMatrix treatments while your acne is still active and you might find that it helps the acne as well.


Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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EMatrix for active acne and acne scars - Williamsville, NY

Thank you for your question about the role of eMatrix for acute acne ...

In 2015, there is clinical information from a large center in Australia (Dr. Lim) who uses the eMatrix technology for acute recalcitrant acne and also (of course) acne scars. 

If you have specific questions, you should directly contact Dr. Lim for his personal experience. 

I have followed his lead and also treat acute acne lesions while treating acne scarring - both of which coexist regularly in patients with severe acne. 

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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