Ematrix and Fraxel Which is Safer for Indian Skin?

Hi .. I am 25 yrs age woman. I have undergone 3 treatments of ematrix for my acne scars. Now my doctor suggests that I do Fraxel laser . She wants to try diffrent treatments to see what works better. Ematrix was good, it dint create any problems as such, it did case some slight darkening after the third treatment. But it faded away with some creams. I have been looking at fraxel treatment on the net and it sounds scary, like it can cause post pigmentation and all. Please help what to do??

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Ematrix or Fraxel?

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Thank you for your question. I would stick with eMatrix as it is generally safe.  I have had a few pigment cases with Indian skin, but resolved in several weeks.  With Fraxel, I have seen many patients from other practices who have had it done and now have severe pigment issues.  The pigment issues are not easy to fix as well. I hope this helps!

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