What else Can I Do to Stimulate my Hair Growth? I Am 52 Now, I Lost Alot of Hair in my 20s.

I have so little hair on the top and back of my head that I cover my head with a scarf all the time. Years ago one doctor told me that my skin in that area is lifeless and nothing could be done for more hair. I have used Rogaine, it helped a little but I lost even more hair after 4 months of use. I called Rogain, they told me to stop using it because I use tyroid medication. So I stopped it after 6 months. Is there any medication, procedure, surgery, etc. that would help for a little more hair?

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Hair Transplant Using FUE uGraft

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Yes, there is a potential solution for you in hair transplant using FUE uGraft. I specialize in extreme cases and have successfully treated many who were considered poor candidates elsewhere due to the severity of their baldness. Feel free to contact my office for a free consultation.

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