Do You Think I Would Need Anything else to my Nose if I Had Just a Hump Removed? (photo)

I did a before and after pic which has been edited, and i think it looks great and exactly what i wanted just the hump rasped a little, but looking at the picture do you think i would need anything else added to make it look better, i mean i like how it looks after and thats all i wanted doing just hump removal but just though id see what your opinions are? And also if its what i liked and wanted would i be able to get this exactly done what it looks like on the after pic many thanks.

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Rhinoplasty hump reduction

 There is a large hump present and when a portion of this hump  is  removed  then an open roof deformity will be created. Osteotomies must be  performed to narrow the nasal bones to give a natural contour  and prevent a flat top deformity of the bridge line. Communication with your surgeon is important  when only performing a partial hump removal.Virtual rhinoplasty is also available  our website

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Do You Think I Would Need Anything else to my Nose if I Had Just a Hump Removed?

If hump removal is all that you desire then you should have a good result with an experienced board certified Plastic Surgeon. You will need some bony work to keep your nose narrow.This must be done when a hump is removed.

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Hump Removal and Nothing Else in Rhinoplasty

   To remove a hump of the size that you have, you will need osteotomies to restore form.  This will narrow the nose a little, but is better than the alternative of having an open roof and having the nose look wider.  The tip and other aspects of the nose do not have to be changed.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Dorsal hump removal during rhinoplasty

Often after removing or reducing a dorsal hump, some other procedures will also need to be performed in order to maintain the long-term stability of your nose.  One thing to also keep in mind is that from the frontal view, your nose may appear a bit wider once the hump is removed if the nasal bones are not brought in slightly.  

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Hump removal

This is not as simple as it sounds. After a hump is removed, most often other procedures need to be done in order to restore the structure of the nose. This is to close the opening developed after hump removal. Should allow your surgeon do what he needs to do to achieve what you want.

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Do You Think I Would Need Anything else to my Nose if I Had Just a Hump Removed?

Only side views posted so very hard to advise. Best to seek IN PERSON opinions from boarded surgeons in your city. Make sure your surgeon has the "circle" That is the logo of the ASPS! 

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Limited Hump Removal

It would be helpful if we had a full set of all nasal views but you can limit your surgery to a conservative hump removal if that's what you desire. Consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your goals.

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The short answer is... depends

Dorsal hump reduction can be done in isolation without affecting other areas of the nose. In fact, this is one particular situation where closed rhinoplasty (without the incision) is often preferred since the tip is not being altered. It can still be done open however, this would basically be surgeon preference.


That said, the question of whether additional work can / should be done, depends on many other factors. First you have to think of the nose as a 3 dimensional structure and consider how it will look from views not shown here, such as the 3/4 and frontal. Secondly, there is always a matter of both patient as well as surgeon preference when it comes to aesthetic analysis. 


Personally I would prefer additional lowering of the dorsum and creation of a slight supratip break, especially for a female nose. It is also possible that augmenting the radix slightly would improve the look as well. These are things you might want to look into / consider prior to deciding. 


Regardless, however you decide you want it done, I'm sure you can convey this to your potential surgeon. Achieving a "shared vision" is what pre-surgical planning is all about. 

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