Elongated Nostrils and Broken Nose?

ive had long (not wide) nostrils my whole life and have also broken my nose a couple times so the bridge is slighlty raised. I also had an orbital fracture from a baseball in high school so an eye sits a little higher than the other. its also the same eye that is lazy (blurry vision, drooped eyelid, doesn't look 100 percent straight. so as you can see it looks like a lot. what all can be done? are the nostrils fixable? what all is involved with the eye socket fracture?..etc

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Elongated Nostrils and Broken Nose?

      The nostrils may be reduced in length, but this would depend upon the rest of your anatomy.  The hump can be reduced as well.  The orbital fracture correction is a much more involved surgery (probably) but a CT and physical exam would be needed to provide any specific information.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Photos needed!

You may very well be able to achieve some improvement, but as mentioned, photos are needed to provide a more accurate response. Please send photos to langsdonclinic@bellsouth.net

Phillip Langsdon, MD
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Elongated Nostrils and Broken Nose

You describe several problems which are difficult for you or anybody else to describe.Without pictures it is impossible for me to suggest alternative treatments for each issue.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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