My scarring is still bumpy and raised after being 10 months post op. Is a revision needed? (Photo)

I had a left side labaiplasty done September 2015 I am technically 10 months post up. I had the wedge technique done and the incision site on the inside between the labia monra and the labia minora is very obvious, hard, and bumpy. Will it go down on its own with time or do I need a revesion? My surgeon said it looks fine and I have nothing to worry about.

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Revision Labiaplasty Needed?

Revison surgery for labiaplasty may be requested to remove more tissue: make the labia more even; correct over reductions; treat adhesions between parts of the vulva; improve the appearance of color, texture, and scars after previous treatment. Revisions are generally possible but, as with other surgeries, revision becomes more difficult than the initial first operation. These should be performed by a surgeon experienced with Cosmetic Female Genital Surgery.  We recommend that patients wait at least 6 months for the initial surgery to resolve, which you have. Tissues need to heal and soften before they are re-operated upon. I can see that your surgeon would be worried about going back in if the tissues have healed completely, and well. However, it is always your decision as to what is right for your body and if those lumpy areas are uncomfortable or worrisome to you then you always have the option to contact another surgeon for advice. Good luck to you!

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Bumpy lateral prepuce area

I have read all the response below and many are correct.  I think Dr Michael Goodman states it best.  But if you want a revision choose someone who is going to close the incision line with small sutures 00000 or 000000 absorbable suture in a subcuticular manner
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It's about you

It's about how you feel about yourself that matters most. While you may have normal healing, a bumpy scar can definitely be addressed, and not necessarily with surgery. I would start with massage of the area with a silicone based lubricant. Silicone has great anti scar properties. A revision could always be considered as well, but not until scar massage has been done. You can always see a different doc for a second opinion.

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My scarring is still bumpy and raised after being 10 months post op. Is a revision needed?

Scars normally take one year to fully remodel. Every patient scars differently, so having a raised bumpy scar doesn't necessarily mean anything was done wrong during your surgery. Having a revision doesn't mean that your scar will be any better if you are prone to "ugly" scars. Have you tried massaging the scar? This can help soften and flatten scars.

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Is Scar Revision Needed 10 Months after Labiaplasty?

Several factors can influence scarring, including your own tissues and the surgery itself. As your surgeon knows what was done and your appearance before surgery, it is best to discuss your concerns with him or her. Often it is best to leave a minor concern alone, as there is a risk to making it worse.For information on how scars heal, click on the link below.All the best.

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Scarring still present 10 months after labiaplasty. Revision? PRP (platelet-rich plasma?)

"If it ain't broke, Don't fix it!" This is a philosophy well worth remembering when one considers revision of labiaplasty. The area you note is generally "covered" by the natural folding of the inter-labial fold, and net easily viable unless it is separated and individually viewed. Does it cause you discomfort, either physically or psychologically? If so, you may wish to consider revision. If truly not: Leave It Alone! 

How should revision be performed if you decide to proceed? In my hands, I would inject a tumescent solution of local anesthetic under the skin and very superficially remove the scarred area, repairing the sub-Q area (the tissue under the skin) with non-reactive monofiliment suture such as 5-0 or 6-0 Monocryl, repairing the skin in a sub-cuticular (sutures under, not "through-and-through" the skin) manner with quick-dissolving 5-0 Vicryl Rapide. I would find out what sutures were used in the first place that resulted in somewhat more scarring than usual, and avoid them. Additionally, I might consider the injection of PRP after the repair was finished, to assure good healing, but admittedly this may be "overkill" and would increase the cost of your revision by ~$500.

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Bumpy scars after labiaplasty

You have some asymmetry of your labia and the left scars are bumpy. As the inventor of the wedge labiaplasty and the author of the only major article on labiaplasty revisions, your scar can be improved and your labia made more symmetrical.  it is not mandatory but can be done if you are self-conscious.

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My scarring is still bumpy and raised 10 months after surgery. Do I need a revision?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  After 10 months it is unlikely that your scars appearance will change materially and if it causes you concern, then a correction would require a small in-office revision.  Talk to your surgeon about the specifics of your concern and they should be willing to discuss how to improve upon your results. Best wishes.

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Some scarring

Hi, time usually heals most things. If the area is harden and bumpy, you may have some scar tissue.  Time may break it down.  I would also consider Radiofrequency or CO2 laser treatment to possibility reduce the thickness/hardness.

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If It Bothers You Enough- Get the Revision

The scar you are referring to is from the reduction of the left prepuce. By ten months post op you likely have your final results, which in my opinion look really good unless you pull the area apart to focus on that portion of your scar! However, if that area truly bothers you enough to do something about it a small revision is an option- I would speak with your surgeon again and then potentially get a second or third opinion. In my practice this complaint is easily addressed in the exam room using the Ellman feathering technique in about 10 minutes to smooth it out.


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