Ptosis or Lateral Canthoplasty for droopy eyes? (photo)

I'd like to open up and lengthen the outer corners of my eyes, but not sure which surgery method suits me best. I have double eyelids, but the distance between my eyebrows and upper eyelids is slightly narrow. I heard that lateral canthoplasty isn't that effective, but I'm not sure if ptosis also works in my case.

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Lateral canthoplasty for cosmetic reasons is very rarely practiced in the US and the reason is that it gets complicated way too easily, not to mention creates a very unnatural look. 

The space between your eyes should be the same length as each of your eyes and if you measure it, it is actually a few millimeters wider. Even though you have a faint double eyelid crease, I think you could have ptosis surgery and reattachment of the levator aponeurosis for a more crisp and deeper crease. This, however, will make your eyes slightly more round and I would elongate with a MEDIAL canthoplasty instead. 

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Ptosis, lateral canthoplasty, and Asian eyelid surgery

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Thank you for the question. Unless you're specifically worried about the position of your lateral cants I don't think a lateral canthoplasty as needed.  You may or may not need a levator tendon advancement for ptosis during your Asian eyelid surgery but you most certainly need an incision technique with anchoring sutures to relax your eyebrows and create a natural look increased. If you have pseudo ptosis this technique will certainly help with that without having to perform an actual ptosis correction.

Make sure you get an in person consultation with someone experienced in Asian eyelid surgery and ptosis before proceeding.

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