My nostrils are very uneven after rhinoplasty - is this normal? (Photo)

& if it is :( How long will it take for my nostrils to go back to normal .. I've been like this for 2 months already and I am very unhappy with it because its really noticible please answer me doctors !!

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Nostril issue

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It is always best to know what you looked like preop.   Everyone has some asymmetry.  Best to review against preop photos.

Two months is still early...

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It is important to really compare your current appearance with your preop photos. Is it possible that there was a little asymmetry beforehand? If so, it may be difficult to remove. At any rate, be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon, and after six months if it still bothers you, another opinion can always be obtained.


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I'm assuming your two months post op, which in the context of rhinoplasty is still early. However remember that there isn't a single patient with symmetric nostrils. They will always have some degree of asymmetry. A frontal view, as well as preop pictures would be helpful to compare. I would speak with your surgeon about this, so that if it is an issue at 6-12 months, you can address it then.  But I wouldn't do much until then to allow for more swelling to come down. Good luck!  

Samir Undavia, MD
Princeton Facial Plastic Surgeon
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