Elite Status Provider Othodontist Vs General Dentist for Invisalign

How much more can an elite status provider charge for Invisalign because they have earned this status? There are two elite providers in downtown Toronto that I am considering going to, but I was wondering how dramatically more can they charge?

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GP can do great work, but preferrably at least Advantage Invisalign provider

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Of course, Elite providers have done many cases and deserve the Elite status that they have, but I must say that some Elite providers are so busy that they're assistants do most of the work and you dont ever see the doctor. Elite offices may be busier than you like or are used to and they may have a lot of children in the waiting room. The GP can do a great job also but make sure he's at least an Advantage provider.

Dr Thomas

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign fees are set by each provider

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They can charge what they want. It is simple economics, supply vs demand. Each office sets their own fees, but if they set them too high, they may discourage people from buying, so the fees likely won't be TOO crazy.

An elite provider is one that has done SO many cases that Invisalign recognizes them as "extra experienced". It doesn't mean they are better, but experience IS a good thing.

You may find that the higher fee, if there is one, may be worth it. You may also find that a general provider is satisfactory and worth the savings. I would encourage a consultation with each and find out which office you are more comfortable with.

Cost varies between Invisalign providers

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There is no rule regarding prices for invisalign treatment. Invisalign elite providers may charge more since they have done a certain number of invisalign cases, and therefore have more experience. Orthodontists tend to charge more than general dentists when doing invisalign, as orthodontists are specialists that have 2 to 3 years of additional training. I would make sure that you feel comfortable with your provider and that they have experience treating cases with invisalign.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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