What Can I Do to Eliminate my Acne Now?

I have done two full, six month courses of Accutane. While on Accutane my skin was perfectly clear. After my first course of Accutane my skin stayed clear for about a year. It has been four months since I ended the most recent treatment, and my skin has become excessively oily and minor breakouts are occurring. I am using a mild cleanser at night along with Differen, and in the morning I wash with a Benzoyl Peroxide. I do not know what my next step should be in clearing my acne.

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After Accutane regimen

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Well most people don't experience excessive oil after Accutane, especially after two six month courses. If your glands still produce that much oil, you need to visit a dermatologist for a long-term plan. Some people can use a long-term maintenance plan for Accutane, which keeps their acne at bay; others can elect different topicals or products to try. I think you might need to try a product with a salicylic component.

Accutane Maintenance Sometimes Necessary

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While your 2 courses would have been expected to be very helpful in controlling your acne, they unfortunately weren't in your case.  You and your dermatologist might consider low dose, longer term Accutane maintenance.  The low dose limits side effects like dryness (and more serious side effect risk) and may be enough to finally keep your oiliness/acne at bay.

Sam Hanna, MD
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

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