How to Eliminate an Old Lip Line Scar? (photo)

I had a lip reduction surgery 12 years ago and a scar around my lips was the result of the surgery. The scar is white and thick. I had steroids injections on the scar and did not help that much. 6 months ago i had laser done but it did not help at all to reduce the scar. I am 24 years old now and this scar makes me unconfortable. I used to cover it with make up, but now make up does not help. I am looking for a solution to this problem what should i do?

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Surgery might be the only answer

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Twelve years is a long time since your surgery.  I think it is pretty unlikely that any of the conservative/non-surgical measures that you are trying are going to make a difference.  It is somewhat difficult from the photo to determine how severe the scarring is.  Your only option may be to undergo surgical excision of the scar with careful, meticulous closure.  You might benefit from speaking with couple different board certified plastic surgeons in your area to get their advice after they have carefully examined your scar.

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Repeat Procedures may help

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I prefer to treat scars with a calendar, not a stop watch. This being an older scar, and not being able to determine size, width, density, and skin type from photo, it would be very difficult to determine best course of treatment, but using a conservative approach initially may yield an acceptable result.

I prefer repeat CO2 Fractional Laser treatments or Dermabraisions 6 months apart to obtain maxiimal reduction in scar size. If after these treatments you clearly are unhappy with your result, then I would proceed with excision and meticulous closure. I would not only look for a board certified  Facial Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon to consult with, but I would also look at work that he has performed prior to venturing into another operation.


Michael B. Lyons, MD, FACS
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