Am I Eligible for Invisalign? (photo)

I am 13 years old, 14 in a month. I have quite a big overbite, but I am desperate and want to steer away from regular braces. I am open to any ideas, but do not wish to spend my high school years with bulky braces. It's not that I am afraid of them, when I was in 5th grade I had headgear, the herps device, and the hirax all at one time, I just dont want to deal with it again. Please Help! Also the price is a bit high, but I just want to see some ideas.

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Traditional Braces will work the best for you

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Narrow arch and Large overjet can be best treated by standard orthodontics-braces will be your best bet. Please consult an experience Orthodontist for your treatment options.  

Fremont Dentist

You Are NOT Eligible for Invisalign

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You have an extremely narrow arch, with an extremely large overjet. You would need standard orthodontics along with palatal expansion and mabe even surgery. Invisalign definitely will NOT do it.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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