Am I Eligibible for Invisalign Express? (photo)

Long story short I was receiving ortho treatment in Mexico, before moving back to L.A my upper arch was ready so my braces were removed. I am looking to start treatment here in L.A but I was interested in Invisalign Express (10) or the new (5) but I wanted a professional opinion before going to see any orthodontist. Any help would be appreciated. Also another question my insurance aetna ppo covers 50% with no lifetime benefit? should I go with traditional or invisalign?

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Yes Express Invisalign will work for you...

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It looks like the majority of you lower movement is done with the brackets so you should be able to switch to invisalign with no can also get them for the upper with no additional charge. Your insurance will cover 50% but sometimes it takes 12 months to recieve the money. Also you have a limit on your ortho coverage of a certain amount. You need to get a free consult to find out exactly how to finish you up....Dr Thomas

Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign-a great alternative to metal braces

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For a case to be accepted as "Invisalign Express", the following criteria must be met:


• Spacing or crowding of less than 2 mm per arch
• Rotation of cuspids/bicuspids less than 10 degrees
• Rotation of incisors less than 15 degrees
• Less than 1.5 mm dental expansion per arch
• Less than 2 mm midline correction
• No mesial or distal movement of the molars or bicuspids and less than 1 mm distal movement of any cuspid
• No pure extrusions

The case must be completed in 10 or fewer aligners (5 months or less treatment time).

From your photographs it looks like you are a candidate for invisalign express.  If Invisalign Express is a viable option, I would choose that over metal braces.  You will maintain better hygiene and more healthy gums.  A full and thorough examination of your teeth, study models and x-rays will be needed to complete the diagnosis and start treatment.  

Giri Palaniswamy, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Eligible for Invisalign express.

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It looks like you could be eligible for invisalign express.  I would suggest you finish up with the brackets though.  I'm sure you are chomping at the bit to get them off though.  It gets complicated taking the brackets off, taking invisalign impressions and doing the invisaling.  The teeth will tend to move a lot while you wait for the invisalign trays.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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