Does the fat from Brazilian Butt lift need to be centrifuge before applying it anywhere?

I will be getting a BBL next year in south america, but the doctor that will perform the procedure on me said that the fat doesnt need to be centrifuge at all. He said that its better to not manipulate it in anyway. I told him that fat cells might not survive and he said not to believe everything i read.

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Does the fat from Brazilian Butt lift need to be centrifuge before applying it anywhere?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. It is not necessary to do it that way, but some surgeons perform the surgeries differently, I suggest you to get a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon..

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Centrifuge Before BBL

Thank you for your question.

No, it is not necessary to centrifuge fat before doing a BBL.  I will frequently centrifuge fat when I do facial fat grafting, but not for larger volume fat transfer to the buttocks or breast.

Of note, I would make sure you have adequate follow-up for the procedure, either in South America or back at home if you plan to come back soon after the procedure.  If you come home and you have a complication, it could be a nightmare for you healthwise, timewise, and financially to find a plastic surgeon to take care of you.


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Centrifuge fat for fat transfer

It is not necessary to centrifuge (spin) the fat before a large volume fat transfer to the buttock. Some surgeons will perform a short,  low G force centrifuge but it's not necessary for fat cell survival in these large volume buttock cases. The harvesting, processing and injection techniques are equally important. There are many different ways to perform the operation, not one single technique is best at this time but there are principles that should be adhered to. Discuss your surgeon's own technique in greater detail if you have further questions.

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