What's the Expected Downtime for Elevess Injection?

I just had Elevess injections yesterday. This is day two... I just got Elevess injected to my lips yesterday, and also in the lines down to my lips, and injections in the lines right beneath my lips. What kind of downtime am I looking at?

I didn't expect so much bruising and swelling. I look like someone has hit me and I feel like a duck. When will this go away?

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Elevess Downtime

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After an Elevess injection to the lips, you can expect an average downtime of two to three days. The injection can lead to swelling, and sometimes bruising, or beading of the injected material. Downtime can depend on how much of a dental block was injected as well as how much filler was injected and how many needle sticks the doctor needed to perform.

Swelling and bruising can be prevented by refraining to use Motrin, Aspirin or ibuprofen for a week before your injections. Also, you can use an ice pack after the injections to decrease recovery time. Sometimes Arnica cream can be used to hasten the recovery of a bruise.

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