Elevated Skin in Between Breasts After Breast Augmentation, What Could it be?

I had breast augmentation a little over a week ago. I had 350cc moderate profile. The skin in between my breasts is elevated, I don't think its tenting or symmastia. It could be swelling but it hasn't gone done at all and I'm concerned. Is there any other explanation for the elevated skin in between my breasts, and also so what can I do to make it go down.

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Elevated Skin in Between Breasts After Breast Augmentation, What Could it be?

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Without a photo, it is most likely swelling.  You were a little over a week post-op so give it some time as swelling can take a few months to resolve.  Continue following post-op instructions, keep an eye on it and address your concern with your surgeon at your follow up visit.  ac

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Elevated skin between the breasts

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A picture would be nice. Most likely this represents swelling. The swelling will go down over the next 2 to 3 weeks and the skin should settle. If it does not, continue to see your plastic surgeon and make this concern addressed. 

Good luck.

Earl Stephenson, JR, M.D., DDS, FACS

Swelling between breasts 1 week after breast aug

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Dear bemore95,

Swelling at the one week post op period is very normal, sometimes swelling doesn't fully resolve for weeks to months. I would recommend continued use of your post op compression bra, and to follow up with your surgeon if the elevation between your breasts continues to worry you. Good luck!

Elevated skin between breasts after breast augmentation

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This could be perfectly normal. The swelling can take months to resolve. The swelling can also be influenced by the position of the implants. If they are sub muscular and the origin of the pectoral muscle is intact, I would not be concerned.  However, if the implants are sub glandular, you may have some valid concerns.  In this case, I would recommend keeping pressure over the area between your breasts using lysonix foam.

Best of luck,

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