Can I Elevate a Depressed Skull?

I suffered a depressed skull fracture 6 months ago on the supraorbital foramen. I had left the fracture to heal without elevating it. Can this depression be corrected/repaired/elevated witout complications. What are my options?

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Can I Elevate a Depressed Skull?

The most straight-forward approach would be injection of a filler material to plump and improve the contour of that area. This is the best option in my opinion. The results are temporary but typically last for about one year and can be repeated whenever you desire. Custom implants can also be created that will fill and provide perfect symmetry of the depressed area of bone. The downside of those implants is that they require a relatively invasive procedure, require a pre-operative CT scan and the cost can range up to $10,000 for the implant, alone. I hope this information is helpful.

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