Electrolysis with Lidocaine Resulted in Swelling

The electrologist I go to is connected to a dentist thing asked if I could get my upper lip numbed. My mother is a physician and gave me the 5% cream but it didn't do anything... Anyway, I've never had any lidocaine inserted before, and my upper lip area was VERY numb and my top lip like disappeared. I just fell asleep while I was getting the electrolysis. That was yesterday, and now today my upper lip is freaking HUGE. I've been putting ice on it. I didnt go to school today because of this. please and thank you!

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Swelling after electrolysis

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Even though electrolysis or laser hair removal is considered minimally invasive, post-procedure swelling is possible. This is particularly true in areas of significant blood supply like the lips which tend to swell after any intervention. Hopefully the swelling resolved quickly. Now if your only response was swelling, then I do not think you are having a specific allergy or reaction to lidocaine, but rather just a response to treatment near the lips.

Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon

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