Electrolysis Vs Laser for Light Brown Indian Skin (Type IV) with Dark Black Hair

Hi there, I am an American of Indian Origin - living in New York. I am looking for permanent hair removal from my face (upper cheeks). My skin type is between IV and V (Closer to IV). Now the reviews on the site do not conclusively tell me if I should go for electrolysis or laser hair removal. My questions are - Is electrolysis safer than laser in terms of scarring for my skin type?

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Hyperpigmentation after laser or electrolysis is possible in light brown skin

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For patients with darker skin, post-traumatic hyperpigmentation is an issue whether using electolysis or laser. The key is consulting with a physician who is experience treating patients with darker skin, and to consider a trial treatment in a non-obvious area to see if you would be prone to hyperpigmentation or darkening after treatment.

Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon

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