Use of Electrocautery with Metal Port/injection Domes?

I have Mentor tissue expanders with a silicone elastomer injection dome that my ps finds with a magnet detector device of some kind; I now have to have a colonoscopy and my gastroenterologist wonders if he can use electrocautery to burn a polyp. When I asked my ps, he said they do additional surgery with electrocautery all of the time. Is there anything specific information my gastroenterologist knows to insure that I'm not burned during the procedure?

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Electrocautery and tissue expanders

There is no risk of electrocautery causing burns related to the presence of metal in your tissue expanders.  The only metal part of the expander is planted deeply under the outer shell of the expander, and does not make contact directly with your tissues.  Surgery is frequently safely performed in the presence of tissue expanders.


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