Is It Possible for an Elderly Man (68 Yrs Old) to Have His Eye Bags Removed?

Is it normal to form a rather swelling looking eye bags for old people? Sometimes it hurts a little when rubbing it/washing face. Sometimes it disappears. At times, it just swollen looking. Is such eye bags a health issue? At this age, is it possible to undergo surgery to have them removed?If yes, any risks involved and how long will the recovery rate takes? Im seeking any professional advice for my father. Many thanks.

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Lower eyelid bags

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The swelling or bulging you describe is commonly seen as part of the aging process. It can be due a number of factors but at that age it is usually/mostly due to weakness of supporting structures that allow fat around the eyeball to protrude into the eyelid. . It is usually not a health issue. At the extremes there can be some skin breakdown or irritation or the eyelid can be pulled downward and outward away from the eyeball.  If the swelling comes and goes it is more likely due to allergies.

If it is allergies the best treatment is medication. If it is the bulging fat the treatment is surgical and usually cosmetic in nature. That would not be covered by the NHS.

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