Is there anything better than laser hair removal as far as the facial area goes? Something that is 100% permanent?

someone please tell me. what are the pros and cons of laser hair removal done on the face? i want your opinion you guys. im all ears....................................... rsvp. thank you.

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Laser Hair Removal -- Seek an Expert

In my practice I use diode lasers for the best outcome. I typically have patients do every 4 weeks for the first 3 times and then every 4-6 weeks for 3 times after. If laser hair removal is not performed by an expert, burns and hyperpigmentation can occur. I suggest consulting with a board certified dermatologist for treatment. Best, Dr. Emer

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Laser Hair Removal for Face

In our opinion, Laser Hair Removal using the proper wavelength of laser and the correct settings will provide you with the best results.  That being said, an experienced technician with the correct laser will likely recommend 7-10 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart to get you results.  After that, you may need a "touch up" every now and then... this varies greatly with men and women.  Best of luck, Doc Halliday

Douglas Halliday, PhD, MD
Syracuse Facial Plastic Surgeon
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