Is there any treatment, surgery that can remove the scar from appendectomy completely, or at least diminish it? (Photo)

Hi, my name is Jaqueline and when I was about five years old I had surgery on my appendix. I was left with a five inch scar that runs down my belly button and has begun to deform my stomach. I've tried creams, exercise but nothing seems to work. It's been nearly ten years and I can't think of anything else to do. I know that over time it'll get worse.

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Appendectomy scar

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There are a few options to improve the appearance of your scar. Scar revision is an option but will trade your scar for another one. There is a small chance it will look the same or even worse. Lasers can be used to blend your scars. It will require a series of treatments. I would advise you see a surgically oriented dermatologist or plastic surgeon so that both sets of options would be available.

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Scar On Abdomen

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Surgical scar revision is your best bet, however, lasers can be tried.  Nothing will get rid of the scar completely.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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Scar from appendectomy

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The problem with the scar is that it is deep and longitudinal. The Fraxel Laser may treat this scar with some improvement. No treatment will make the area of the scar perfect. Please let me know how your results are.

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