How Much More Will My Butt Shrink?

am about 2 weeks post op and my but has shrink allot I was happy of my result right after my surgery but as days pass it looks like my loosing my butt yes I like the fact my body is more curvy but I don't like that my but is not as big as I thought it would be anything that I can do to have better results as am still recovering ? can I get a second BBL ?

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Thank you for your question.

Your buttocks will look slightly smaller than it did right after surgery because the swelling will begin to resolve and some of that fat cells will not survive. Fat survival after fat grafting depends on a few things such as technique used, anatomy, genetics, post operative care etc. Best case scenario, usually about 70% of the transferred fat will survive. Within the first 6 months, about 30% of the fat cells will not survive and will be reabsorbed and passed through your body. Whatever fat is remaining after 6 months, is what will remain as long as your weight remains stable. You may undergo a second BBL procedure if you have an adequate amount of fat on your body to harvest. Best of luck.

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How Much More Will My Butt Shrink?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... I will explain you something that you have to know, The Brazilian butt lift procedure, as it is performed injecting fat into patient's buttocks, besides the fat is from the own patient, fat can dissolve in a small or medium percent. It can happen and it is normal because is not from the surgery, is because the fat dissolves with the own patient's body fat cells too.. Don't think that is something about the surgery, if your surgeon injected 100% at surgery time, you can lose about 40% of the fat that was injected.

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How Much More Will My Butt Shrink?

Your butt will continue to shrink for ~3 months. When everything is said and done you will lose up to 50% of the volume that was put in. I always tell my patients that if they are happy immediately post op with the size, then they will likely be unhappy once the volume loss is complete. Depending on how much "fluid" was in the the fat that was injected you may have  a drastic change in size early. The more "fluid", the more volume is lost as the fluid is absorbed by your body. 

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