Sensation of blood coarsing through veins in lip after lip filler, is this normal ?

I had my lips injected first in January, then again in April- but ever since then , every now and then I get the "blood coarsing though vein" sensation in my upper lip (which coincidentally is where I have the most lumps ) it does not hurt at all, but I am wondering if this is something to worry about . The sensation is similar to the one that you might feel in your leg as well. I am mainly worried about the danger of dying from a blood clot.

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Blood clot from filler

Hi. Although I am not aware of other patients experiencing the same sort of sensation, I seems unlikely that you need to be concerned about a blood clot.  I would want to be sure that it is not a sign of periodic elevated blood pressure, though.  Please see your physician for further evaluation.

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