Nipple puffiness? (Photo)

So my nipples were I guess you could say "soft puffy" nipples before the OP (I was a 34B) and I thought from the stretch they would be "smoother" and more laid back on the breast but now they are even more puffier then before and i don't know if it's the swelling or if their going to stay like that but it's kinda annoying because when I'm wearing a sports bra and a shirt/tank top and the areola/nipple shows through. Will this change??

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Puffy nipples

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Hello, you didn't mention when you had your surgery.  Often the overall shape of the breasts will change for several months so if your surgery was recent, it is possible that you might notice a change.  Bases on the limited photos provided it looks like there is a good outcome.

It appears too soon to tell

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From your photos, it appears that you are early on in the healing process and there is swelling that will resolve in the next several weeks that will likely take your nipple prominence back to the preoperative state.

Nipple Puffiness

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Areolar fullness is not unusual and can be very noticable in the early postoperative period. The areolar skin is thinner than the surrounding breast skin and can appear to herniate and bulge with normal skin tesion and especially with normal swelling following surgery. After breast augmentation, normal skin will stretch and the areola will get larger and can often become flatter with time. This occurs over months and may not resolve completely. If it does not, a donut mastopexy can tighten and flatten the areolar skin.

Henry Wells, MD
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Puffy areola

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If you are early on In the postoperative phase, there certainly a chance that as the breast tissue and muscle relaxes, the underlying pressure will be alleviated and some of the puffiness may go away . If not, a doughnut, circular type mastopexy can set back the areola to make a smooth contour. I would wait a few months before going on to that. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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Puffy Nipples

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Thank you for your question and photos. It is not uncommon for nipples to look puffier directly after BA surgery due to swelling and this will often resolve somewhat after the first month however if you continue to have concerns about puffy nipples down the road, you could speak with your Plastic Surgeon about a procedure to correct that.
All the best

Breast Surgery

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Thanks for your question and pictures!If you spoke with your board-certified plastic surgeon about your concern with your nipples before the operation, then most likely they accounted for this when creating a surgical plan for you. It is very common to have nipple puffiness after a breast augmentation, and prominent swelling can last up to 4-6 weeks after the operation. It will take about 6 months for the implants to drop into place and for the breast tissue and muscle to permanently relax.If 4-6 weeks after your surgery you still feel uncomfortable about the size of the nipples, please contact your physician to discuss a revision.

Best of luck

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