I had the crown part of an impacted tooth only visible by xray removed. Can the root be left there ?

I have a tooth that didn't come out and has impacted/crowded my bottom teeth. I need braces on the bottom to correct my bite so that my 4 implants can be successful on top. An oral surgeon was able to get the "crown" part out but couldn't see the roots to pull it out. He said it might be too deep & doesnt want to hurt my other bottom roots & nerves. I am so scared it will cause pain & infection in the future. I am taking anti b.

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Don't worry

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The root portion of the tooth can be left without much concern.

In the future, the roots will work themselves out. Or, they'll cover over with bone. Since the tooth was not infected to start, don't worry too much! It's definitely worse to have the tooth pushed down into the nerve so it's best left where it's at.

Dr. Reiser

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