I am a 29 year old 5'4" 127lbs. Have 2 kids. Interested in vaginal tightening. What makes you a candidate for this procedure?

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You decide!

A vaginal tightening or rejuvenation procedure is an elective procedure, like a breast augmentation or a nose job.  All that is needed to be a candidate is a feeling that there is something you don't like that you would like changed, and a desire to proceed with that.

There are both surgical and nonsurgical alternatives for these therapies.  In my practice we offer both, but I would generally recommend nonsurgical management for any woman that is likely to have more children, as one would expect any repair to be damaged in a subsequent vaginal birth or even carrying a pregnancy.

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Laser/RF devices are a good option for milder vaginal laxity if family is not yet complete.

I guess the answer really depends on what your symptoms are.
The truth of the matter concerning vaginal repair surgery - is that the vaginal calibre is narrowed through the removal of a strip of skin running from the vaginal entrance uptowards the cervix, either involving the back or the front wall of the vagina. Scarring then takes place which produces additional strength as a reaction to the suture material used. The bulge dissappears because there is less vaginal skin to bulge.

Now the cause of the prolapse and the surgical solution are two different things. The cause is because the supportive collagenous thickening that supports the structures of the vagina have torn away from their insertion. (Think of a hammock that has been seperated from its posts). But the solution is to make the hammock smaller!

Lots of surgeons will talk about defect specific repairs, paravaginal repairs etc - or mesh reinforced repairs -  but it is not clear whether these fancier repairs actually do a better job than just removing the redundant excessive skin and restitching.

But here is the crunch - although  the vagina is distendable and retractable (it is elastic) - the only time a  it needs to have capacity to deliver a head is if future child birth is on the cards. 

If you have a repair - where vaginal skin is removed - it may be that any future deliveries would/should be caeserean sections.  So if further kids are on the cards-  a treatment that may cause tightening (through new elastin collagen deposition) is logically better than surgery which basically means removal of exessive vaginal skin.

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Interested in vaginal tightening. What makes you a candidate for this procedure?

There are a few options in regards to vaginal tightening both surgical and non-surgical. If you are considering having more children in the future than I would recommend ThermiVa which is an in-office procedure that uses heat via radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production and thereby, tighten the vagina.

On the other hand, if you are done having children than you might want to consider a vaginoplasty which is a surgical means of tightening the vagina that will provide more permanent lasting results. It sounds like you would be a candidate for either procedure. Best wishes.

ThermiVa candidate

Thank you for your question! Whether you're planning to have kids or not, you would be a great candidate for ThermiVa. ThermiVa is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that uses gentle heat to tighten the labias and vaginal canal. This is perfect for a mother wanting to get some tightening between or after having kids. It treats urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness while providing aesthetic benefits simultaneously. Good luck!

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Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Thank you for your question.  The first thing to do is to seek the advice of your local Gynecologist or Urogynecologist.  He or she can do specific testing to determine the laxity and degree of prolapse that you have and make specific recommendations tailored to your needs.  If you have completed childbearing, this will give you the best result.  Good luck in your search!


Who is a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation?

Almost anyone who is unhappy with the appearance or feeling of their vagina is a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation (as long as their in good health to undergo surgery). If you are done having kids, now may be a good time for you to move forward with vaginal rejuvenation. However, if you are planning on having more children, it is best to wait to have a vaginal tightening procedure once you are done having kids. At this point I recommend consulting in person with a board certified plastic surgeon so you can learn more about your options. Best of luck!

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Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are a couple of questions to consider in your specific case. Primarily - are you completed with child bearing? If not, I'd recommend waiting on vaginal tightening procedures until you've completed this phase of life. 

If you are completed with having children, then a physical exam is what confirms if you are a candidate for surgery. With the experience that me and my all-female staff have, we can often determine which surgery would be indicated and recommended for patients after a phone call alone. From you brief description, you'd most likely be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

What needs to be determined is if you are experiencing vaginal laxity after delivering your children and experiencing the aging process (thanks, gravity!). We can answer this question by discussing your primary complaints and goals and together with you, devise a surgical plan.

Consider consulting with a trained surgeon who specializes in cosmetic vaginal procedures like Vaginal Rejuvenation. You want to choose a surgeon who's performed hundreds if not thousands of procedures and has endless before and after photos to share with you. 

Best of luck! 

Candidate for Vaignal tightening

Thank you for sharing your post. As addressed in other answers, if you are not done with childbearing then I would not move forward with vaginal tightening surgery. However, I would consider a nonsurgical vaginal tightening approach such as fractional CO2 laser in order to get some vaginal tightening and improved bladder support.
Hope that helps.

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Agree with MP - wait until done with kids

Absolutely agree that you should wait until done with kids, as prolapse of the pelvic floor compounds over years and multiple kiddos.
If you are done having kids, best thing to do is see a specialized surgeon who performs "Urogynecology" procedures including reconstruction of the perineum and deep vaginal structures (levator muscles).
A less invasive treatment mentioned in another reply, ThermiVa, is showing VERY impressive results in our early experience.

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I am a 29 year old 5'4" 127lbs. Have 2 kids. Interested in vaginal tightening. What makes you a candidate for this procedure?

Thank you for asking this question.
First you need to get evaluated and find out what is clinical finding. As far as you do not have a uterine prolase or second degree cystocel or rectocel or entrocle , the following is your best option, before you consider to go under anesthesia and surgery.
During vaginal delivery the muscles of the vaginal wall are stretched out to allow the baby to pass through. After birth many women sense that their vagina feels looser, softer and/or wider. Many new moms may also notice changes with their ability to control urine loss. In addition to these changes women also find that they feel less of their partner during intercourse, leading to less pleasurable and fulfilling experiences.
Let us imagine this…
A balloon which has been filled with water and left to sit overnight. After 24 hours the water is released from the balloon and the balloon is left to return to its original state. However, that balloon never really ever goes back to its original state. Once stretched, the balloon will never have the same taut appearance that it once had. Repeat this process a few more times with the same balloon and you will find that the balloon loses its elasticity with every fill and never goes back to its previous state.

A woman’s vagina works quite the same way as the balloon. After each vaginal delivery the muscles of the vagina stretch and the result is that the vagina itself becomes wider and more lax. Subsequent vaginal delivery(s) will make the vaginal walls stretch even more creating an even wider vagina with each future vaginal delivery and pregnancy.

What can be done?

FEMILIFT | Modified fractional C02 laser:
I have  developed a technique utilizing a combination of FemiLift (a fractional Co2 laser) and injecting your own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) into the vagina. In utilizing this incredible combination of the CO2 Laser and PRP technology he is tightening the vaginal folds which lead to the tightening of the vagina and overall improvement of the elasticity of the widened vagina. By performing this procedure after each vaginal delivery you are helping to prevent any future widening of the vagina. In addition this procedure also improves the intensity of sensation during intercourse for both partners, and alleviates minor cases of urine incontinence.
FemiLift by itself is a non-invasive, painless, laser treatment, which stimulates collagen regeneration in the walls of the vagina, leading to an increased vaginal tone.

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