Foreign material removed 4 mths ago, still draining is this normal?

I had this surgery done in Miami 4 mths ago, Would not stop draining fluid went back and had another surgery to remove what I believe it a seroma. Was left with a worse deformity. Was told I should heal in 3 weeks. It has been over 5 weeks and I am not healing and it seems each day I drain more fluid. I still have the drain going up my leg/ butt area on one side only since it was only one side I had that material put. Need advice, why am I not healing??

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Foreign Material in Butt, draining even after removal, what do I do?

Hi Scarrasco,Thanks for your question. It is hard to tell based on what you wrote. But it seems that you had a filler placed into your bottom that your body is rejecting. You had a fluid collection removed with a drain placed but it is still leaking....First the drain tube should be removed depending on the type of tube that was placed when the body is producing less than 20-30ccs of fluid per day. If it stays too long, then the body will keep the tract of the where the tube is open permanently and you will need another surgery. Please see you surgeon sooner rather than later. If you were not treated by a board certified plastic surgeon, please seek ones opinion locally. Good Luck! 

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