Is it normal for breasts to still itch 9 months after surgery?

I know it's normal for dry flaky skin and itching after surgery. It's been 9 months since my surgery and the area around my nipples still itch. I got silicone implants under the muscle, 350cc and the incision was made at the inframammary fold. It sometimes feels like the nipples itself is itchy and when I touch the nipple it still feels tender, but doesn't hurt. Is the itchiness and tenderness normal at this timeframe? When can I expect the tenderness and itchiness to subside?

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Dry, itchy, sensitive nipples 9 months post surgery.

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Of course you need to ask this question of your treating plastic surgeon. In my experience at 9 months most changes in sensation have improved significantly. Improvement in altered sensation can occur up to a year and occasionally even longer after surgery. Do you find your symptoms improving over time?

In regards to your dry skin, treating it aggressively with a good moisturizer like Eucerin or Cetaphil, etc. should help.   Also, to break the cycle of itching, some over the counter strength hydrocortisone lotion might be beneficial. 

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