RN, plastic surgeon, or board certified dermatologist best person to perform IPL laser non ablative for mild rosacea?

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Who to perform treatment

Each state has its guidelines on who is allowed to perform an ipl treatment. IPL can easily create unwanted complications if performed by an inexperienced or improperly trained individual. Choose an experienced and expert board certified physician for your treatment. 

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RN, plastic surgeon, or board certified dermatologist best person to perform IPL laser non ablative for mild rosacea?

Hello, and thanks for your question. In general, you want someone well-trained and experienced to perform these medical procedures, regardless of the letters after their name. This is easier to determine for physicians (i.e., board certification in a "core" specialty) than it is for RNs, who receive no formal training that would render them prepared to do such procedures right out of training. With that said, I am certain there are nurses who do lots of lasers who do so well and with a good safety record. It's just hard to determine which ones are skilled. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.  

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Who should perform IPL treatments?

What is most important is the experience of the person doing it.  It is very unusual for plastic surgeons to perform their own laser treatments in CA (a state where RN's or physicians can perform laser treatments.)  Some dermatologists do perform their own laser treatments.  In my area in Orange County, most physicians have their RN's perform basic laser treatments, especially if they are very busy (which is a good sign.)  New practices are more likely to have a doctor performing the treatment.  Either way, as long as the person performing it has had a lot of experience with lasers and light devices, especially the one you are having done, you should be okay.  I would avoid med spas however, as the RN's working there are often unsupervised or have a physician as a medical director that is not knowledgeable about cosmetic procedures and how to treat problems if they occur.

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Best person to perform IPL or laser for rosacea

There are many different types of practitioners performing laser treatment.  Some people take a weekend course and think that they can perform laser treatment.  There are dermatologists such as myself who choose to dedicate an extra year of fellowship training to lasers.  A lot also depends on the individual practitioner.  Some people are dedicated to the field and are constantly striving for the best possible results with the best technology.   Speak to people in your area who have been treated to get a recommendation on who to see.  Don't just choose someone based on lowest price.  In general, as with most things, you get what you pay for.


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I suggest you see an expert for treatment.  Most dermatologists who have finished a laser fellowship are the most trained but there are some RN and plastic surgeon with years of experience.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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