Having a Problem with my Right Breast Implant. My Surgeon Lost License? (photo)

i recently injured my back and right implant lifting heavy boxes. it feels as if implant may have moved and there is a spot poking through I am in dying pain. now im even noticing it looks smaller than the other, dunno if it's because it moved or a small leak. my plastic surgeon lost his license I JUST FOUND OUT...dunno how to get my records or any help now. I am low income on disability and my "medi-cal" insurance doesn't cover plastic surgery...what can i do? PLEASE HELP!

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Problem with my Right Breast Implant

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There are a number of anatomic structures in the region of the breast, including the breast itself (as well as the implant and the capsule), muscle, bone, cartilage, pleura (lung lining) and lung. It is not necessarily the implant that is causing the pain, and your primary physician can help sort that out. He or she may be in a better position to find a resource to help with any breast issues that may be present. 

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Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Capsular Contracture

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     Assuming the diagnosis is capsular contracture, in order to replace the implants and perform anterior and posterior capsulectomies, this would cost $2000 or so just for this to be free, assuming saline implants, general anesthesia, and operating room fees for 1.5 or 2 hrs.   The closest thing to free would be to try a university teaching program to get the lowest price.   Good luck. 

Breast implant problem

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you should be examined by a plastic surgeon to better determine what is occuring on that side.  Try to see if there is a plastic surgery residency training program nearby, sometimes they offer discounts on treatments to patients.


Good Luck

David R. Alfonso, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Concerns about implants and old records

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You can alwasy get your old records... just because your doctor lost license doesn't mean your records disappear.  Contact office or him and request your records.  If you know what manufacturer was used, they can provide implant info to your new doctor. 

With your concerns, you do need to see a plastic surgeon.  Unfortunately, this will not be covered by M-Cal.  Your photos do not look bad at this time.  Pains should slowly dissipate with time.  If they don't, you can consider removing your implants if you want ot assume your implants are causing your pain.  This can be done in the office under local to minmize costs.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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