Where Would I Get an EKG?

I'm over 40 and in great health, but my doctor would like me to get an EKG before surgery, where would I go for one? Does insurence cover it?

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Surgery and EKG

EkG is warranted at times depending on age and medical history. Your surgeon should be able to order the EKG or refer you to a physician to obtain one. This is not an unusual requirement for surgery. If the office can't help you get the EKG, I would be concerned about having surgery in the office. All approved surgery centers can perform an EKG at their locations and if surgery is performed in an approved in office surgery center there should have been arrangements to obtain an EKG when needed.

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EKG before surgery

If your doctor wants you to get an EKG, you  may need to go for medical clearance from your medical doctor.  That is the easiest solution.

Steven Wallach, MD
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