What if I stop my accutane and get 2 days free to drink some alcohol then back to the course again?

My doctor advise me to not drink alcohols during my acne therapy with isotretinoin, so what if I stop my course and get 2 days free to drink some alcohols then back to the course again ? would it help ! what's the duration should I stop my course to drink safely ? and how my course gets worst !

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Accutane, isotretinoin, is metabolized through your liver and drinking alcohol can make your liver enzymes rise  Your doctor is correct in recommending that you not mix the two. Accutane can stay in your system for a full month, so stopping for a few days could still affect your liver. I would recommend that you call your doctor and let him know you might be discontinuing the Accutane for a few days for his advice on the drinking issue Dr. Adrienne Stewart M.D. FAAD

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