How much it will take for swelling & edema to resolve after liposuction of abdomen?

how much it will take for swelling & oedema to resolve after liposuction of abdomen?

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Swelling after liposuction

Thank you for the question.  It is normal to have swelling in the area of liposuction for 3-6 months or sometimes a little longer.  It takes this long to see the end results of the procedure. 

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Healing of tummy liposuction

Thank you so much for your question about liposuction healing.

Here is how it usually goes -
  • day 1, 2 - little visible swelling
  • day 3 - marked swelling that may continue to increase
  • day 14 - stabilization of swelling, it may improve a little
  • day 14 - 42, days of improvement followed by days of no improvement
  • Days 42 - 180, improvement continues
  • Month 6 - 12 final result
Wearing the garment, gentle massage, exercise may all help.
But it is a body trauma response that to a great extent, cannot be speeded up

Be sure to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Here’s hoping you find this helpful. Have a great day!

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