How do I remove a mole from my eyebrow while keeping the hair? (photo)

I have that pigmented brown mole in the center of my left eyebrow that grows with me, I went to that surgeon who told me that I would lose my eyebrow hair either if I had a surgery or if I removed it by laser so he recommended to learn to live with it, but I just can't, actually I thought of stitching it to block the blood from reaching it, not sure though, is there any natural safe way like using iodine solution or any other DIY that I can do at home to remove it while keeping my eyebrow hair?

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Mole in the Eyebrow

Thank you for your question.  There is no safe way to remove a mole at home.  I recommend seeing a board certified physician for any removal, especially when it is so close to your eye.  You could try laser treatments to the part of the mole that is below the margin of your eyebrow.  Therefore you could maintain your eyebrow hair that can cover the residual mole.  I wish you the best!

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