Can we use minoxidil and duatstride by injection to scalp?

I have been treating with minoxdil and duatstride for 4 monthes now. The technique i did was spraying 1 ml of minoxidil on scalp and using a derma roller to inject it (1 mm for 1 cm square). I did this for 4 sessions a session per week. I had 3 more session spraying 0.5 ml of minoxidil and 0.5 ml of duatstride using the same method. After 2 monthes i had 1 more session. I still havn't seen any result

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Minoxidil and dutasteride

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minoxidil is a topical solution that works well with regrowing hair. Dutasterde is a pill. Neither of these medications can be injected into the scalp

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