Should I get a lips filler? What can I do? (Photo)

Hello my lips are small and not full and mu upper lip is so triangular when i smile they appear like two lines they dont look good plus they have pointed edges i dont know what to do specially i have a round face and my cheeks r big so it doesnt match i rlyn eed help thank u

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Thank you for your question.  I recommend filler in the lower lip to restore the golden ratio to your lips of Phi or 1.618.  Essentially, the upper lip should be slightly more than half the size of the lower lip to look natural.  I think restoring the ratio with volume will greatly improve the appearance of your lips and you will be very happy.  Regards, Dr. Matthew J. Elias

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Should I get Lip Filler?

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Filler in your lower lip can balance the look with the upper lip.  Filler can be used to help change the shape a bit, but it can not change the shape drastically.  It also can not change how your muscles are pulling your lips when you smile.


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You should start out with maybe 1cc and go from there. You do not want to overdo too much filler in the lips. It also depends on the look you are going for too. You can always add more filler to the lips if needed. Just remember if you are going to do your lips and you do not want to bruise you should not take any aspirins or anything that will thin the blood since brusing can occur

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Lip Fillers

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Lip Fillers on the bottom of your lip will help augment and correct the asymmetry.  Fillers cannot change the shape of the lip overall.  This is an expert technique and I suggest you consult a board certified dermatologist for this procedure.  Best, Dr. Green

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