I'm looking for the best, most qualified doctor for eyelid reconstruction, trauma-related specialist. Can you refer me? (Photos)

I've undergone a traumatic accident at a young age. A dog bite to the right upper eyelid, and have received plastic/reconstruction surgery immediately with a number of specialists. They did a great job considering the horrifying pre-op contour of my lid. But, now that my skin has aged and technology is more advanced, I am hoping for a second procedure that would possibly naturalize the shape of it. I am financially open and willing to travel anywhere for the best. Please help, thanks.

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Eyelid reconstruction after trauma

You need to see an oculoplastic surgeon. You likely need Tenzel type of flap to rotate tissue from lateral eyelid/temple to cover the defect you have. There are other techniques too. See link below.

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If you can travel to Israel for care, there are excellent oculoplastic surgeon in Israel.

Many of these surgeon are listed in the international directory for the American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery which is on their website. I recommend that you consider having the intact portion of the upper eyelid shifted to be centered over the cornea.  If you are a smoker, I strongly recommend that you stop smoking now to increase the likelihood that whatever reconstruction you have can heal.

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Eyelid Reconstruction

Your eyelid shows natural aging changes and that has changed the appearance of your reconstructed eyelid. There are national ranking systems such as Castle-Connolly that recognize surgeons that are selected by their peers, however there are no ranking systems that identify a single "best surgeon". Since this is an eyelid problem, I would recommend that you find an Oculoplastic Specialist with many years of experience in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. There are dozens of qualified oculoplastic surgeons that could perform your surgery successfully. You may wish to seek opinions from the surgeons at the institution where you had your original surgery.

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Secondary repairs after eyelid trauma

The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is a reliable resource to find an oculoplastic surgeon. You might make some calls or visit websites to determine the surgeons' experience with trauma. It appears that you have a substantial remnant of normal eyelid margin and this is an advantage for any further reconstruction. Composite grafting from the opposite lid is an option if there is not enough lid tissue remaining. Best wishes for a great result with your second procedure.

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