I have a lip scar in a line form that I tried to remove? Is there a way to remove it? (Photo)

I have a lip scar since I was three or something. Fell on a broken glass and had this scar since tgen. My question is is tgere anyway to remove it? A way to give me a smooth surface and remove that deep line for good? I don't know if I should go to dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. i am on a budget so I am afraid to go to one and find out it's the wrong doctor. Thanks in advance!

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Fixing the scar

Dear Mai, 

You appear to have a pretty face but there is a noticeable deformity of your upper lip- you are right. Fortunately, this is treatable. To my eye, the most obvious deformity is the step-off of the upper lip-vermillion (red color) border. Scar revision with PARTICULAR care to align the anatomic structures precisely will enhance your appearance. A plastic surgeon is best suited to help you acheive your goal.
Hope this helps!

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