Could I have hair transplant with fue? (photos)

Alot of scalp scars due to ear reconstruction failure using fasica flap. One year ago and side losing of scalp tissue with accident 16years ago. Iam39 old

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You should consult with a doctor for treatment options and how you plan to keep your hair.

You should consult with a doctor for treatment options and how you plan to keep your hair.  If you keep your hair short as you do in the photo even FUE may not look "perfect".  It may look "better" but you may still see the scar.  You can also consider SMP.  There is no perfect solution.

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Could I have hair transplant with fue?

Thank you for your question and photo, FUE can treat this but however you need a solution for future haır loss as ı can see in the photos you might still comtinue to loss hair. In conventional hair restoration healthy hair follicles collected from the donor site are transferred to the hairless recipient site. However we cannot disregard the recipient site’s (field) ability to accept and yield healthy products with healthy hair follicles (seeds). In other words, good soil in the field will produce high quality products when healthy seeds are used. So, in order to achieve desired yield it is important to nourish and strengthen the hairless recipient site. 

Multiple scars on head

This can be treated with FE, but probably it would take more than one procedure to get the density you want. Alternatively, you can have scalp micropigmentation which will give you fairly quick results and make your hair look normal even if you shave your head. This technique can be seen in the web reference below

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FUE scar hair transplant surgery

Yea, you can receive FUE hair transplant surgery for your scalp scar. Ususally you need more than one sessions of hair transplant surgery to camouflage your scar due to poor blood supply in the scar tissue.

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