Second and First Molar and Canine Small Cavities After Using Invisalign for 17 Days?

I've been using invisalign for like 17 days.. Everything was fine until I found out that I have like thin dark brown lines on my second and first molars and a small brown dot on my canines even though I brush my teeth regularly after every meal and before I sleep.. I've never had cavities before so I'm very upset! (I've been using Lesterine mouthwash since I started my invisalign treatment) Why did this happen? What should I do to stop it? And are these thin lines (cavities) removable? Thanks..

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Start of caries

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You may want a second consult with another dentist.

Icon works well for sealing this spots and should mostly eliminate the discoloration. You can google Icon.

You may want to check with your orthodontist to apply gel flouride to the aligners. The flouride should harden your enamel and prevent caries.

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