I'm 26 years old that and I want to have a hair transplant (Photo)

Hello :) I'm 26 years old , i have been losing hair 5-6 years ago , and i have been using minoxidil for about 3 years now . Minoxidil did slow the hair loss a little bit but still losing hair by a more than the daily average rate. I want to have a hair transplant and i need a professional advice . Is it the right time? Will it make a difference in my case? Can future balding pattern be predicted by the current photos and my age? Thank you everyone :)

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Balding in 26 year old

Your balding pattern (front and crown) can be treated with a hair transplant. The use of the drug finasteride might slow it down and will protect you from shock loss if you have a hair transplant

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You cannot predict the future based on photos. It would be best if you see a doctor in person for an

You cannot predict the future based on photos.  It would be best if you see a doctor in person for an examination to understand what treatment options are available for your particular case.

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Right time for a Hair Transplant

Hi there, I would need to know a few more things before giving you an actual determination on what could be done. Do you have hair loss in your family? Mom or Dad's side? It is appears by the pattern that you are suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia and I would say you are a Norwood 3V. So a hair transplant would be a reasonable solution at this point and I would only focus on drawing a hard line in the sand and restoring your frontal hairline with some great density using the FUE method and about 2000 grafts for now. Having a well designed and dense frontal hairline will frame your face and give the appearance of a full head of hair for the most part and as time goes on and if/when you suffer further hair loss a second hair transplant procedure can be done to add coverage and density to other areas as needed. 

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