How Effective is the Vitalize Peel for Fine Lines?

I'm 24 and fair skinned male who used to have acne and now has acne scars. They are mild, and not icepick. I went to my plastic surgeons office and was recommended to have 3 sessions of the Vitalize Peel for the scars, but I was also wondering about fine lines. I know I'm very young and I don't have much wrinkling but I see very early signs of it, mostly under my eyes. I know vitalize is supposed to make wrinkles better, but I would like to know if it would almost elliminate what I have.

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How effective is Vitalize Peel for Fine Lines

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All chemical peels work by removing the outer layer of skin and allowing the deeper skin layers to heal and produce new elastic and connective tissue components.  In general, the stronger the chemical and/or the higher the consentration of the chemical, the deeper and more effective the peel will be.  However, the deeper the peel, the higher the risks of compication from the procedure (longer post operative redness, and higher risk of pigmentation changes or scarring).  Check with your physician and ask if you can see before and after photos of patients similar to yourself who have had the Vitalize Peel.  This will probably be the best way to determine if your expectations are in line with what the procedure can do.

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