Which is the Most Effective Teeth Whitening Treatment?

I have slightly yellowish teeth and am a teen. I would like to have them whitened. I don't know which method to try that will be the most effective and moderately inexpensive (I'll worry about that later if you just give me the best one.) Thanks!

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Combination is best

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Yellow teeth whiten very well, while grey teeth usually don't respond to whitening very well. Most processes will work to varying degrees, even strips from the drug store. However, the best result would be the dental office procedure and take home tray combination. Tray fabrication is critical (most offices seem to not understand the best method) to the level of effectiveness, but all trays will work to varying degrees.

Having trays after it is all done is handy for routine touch ups for future maintenance.

In-office + trays

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The best treatment (i.e. most whitening) would be a combination of in-office whitening, sometimes referred to as 'laser whitening' plus custom trays to whiten at home. The in-office whitening will get you a good boost to start out with but you will probably want to continue to whiten at home with custom trays. In addition, it'll be easy to maintain the level of whiteness in the future by having trays that you can pop in every 3 months or so to regain that fresh white

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