How Effective is a Smart Lipo for Hips in a Middle-aged Healthy Woman?

How do conventional liposuction procedures for the hips compare with smart lipo for middle-aged patients?

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Age is less of a determinant

The most important factor in assessing a candidate for Liposuction irrespective of whether it is traditional liposuction, liposculpture or smart Lipo is the quality of the skin.  If skin quality is not good, then removing fat will leave skin flabby and unattractive.  However, if the skin quality is good, and the fat is minimal, then smart Lipo may be an alternative treatment to traditional liposuction.  In the end, the most important thing is that you achieve the result that you have always wanted. The right procedure to achieve this result is a combination of a proper physical examination, good communication and an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

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It makes no difference. The important thing is the surgeon and the patient he/she is operating on not type of liposuction. One of my conventional old fashioned liposuction patients went for a smart-lipo treatment she was sold on. She saw little benefit to it then came back to me for liposuction in another area and never went back to the smart-lipo surgeon. When a surgical modality has to be embelished with superlatives and fancy adjectives think twice before proceeding.

Whatever you do do not pay more just because it is smart-lipo.

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Smart Lipo may not be so smart

Hi there-

A few years ago, Smartlipo was being trumpeted as a revolution that would forever change the way we removed fat and shaped bodies...

5-6 years later, the revolution has not occurred (that is- these machines are not in every plastic surgeon's office), and most reputable plastic surgeons who have not purchased a Smartlipo device would tell you that there is no benefit to the use of a laser in liposuction, and that the laser introduces some risks that do not occur with more established techniques. 

It is important to understand why I qualified above and said "who have not purchased a Smartlipo device"... 

If you think about it for a few minutes, its not hard to understand this- if you paid a couple of hundred thousand dollars for a machine, then found out it wasn't as great as you hoped, you would feel a lot of pressure to continue to sell it to patients, right?... I'm just saying. 

If the goal of body contouring surgery is to safely achieve a pleasing improvement in your body contour, there is no question that there are better alternatives. If your goal is to have surgery and to have a laser used, even if your outcome and safety are compromised, then it may be just the thing for you.

You can read more about this here:

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Smart Lipo for hips

Smart lipo works very well in this area.  The laser allows for easier removal of fat as while as allowing for better skin retraction after the surgery.  This can produce a very nice result. In certain areas, such as the posterior hip rolls, the use of smart lipo can really contour a woman's figure and allow for a smll butt lift result.

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How Effective is a Smart Lipo for Hips in a Middle-aged Healthy Woman?

Very effective and YES it works! I have done over 2,000 SMART LIPO cases and I use both Smart + lipo so I believe it is a real benefit. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Smart or smarter lipo for hips - does the laser matter?

In a recent survey more than 90% of board certified plastic surgeons saw no significant benefit to the use of laser with liposuction. There is nothing about it that makes the procedure safer, in fact it carries an increased risk of burns and scarring. There is also nothing about the laser that makes it more amenable to local anesthesia; any lipo technique can be done with tumescent local. So you are either a candidate for lipo to the hips or you aren't.) Only a surgeon examining you in person can make the determination.

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SmartLipo very effective with low risk

We have found SmartLipo to be a very effective treatment for the hips, with very low risk to the patient. If the skin is not loose, then conventional liposuction may be adequate.

Scott C. Young, MD
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you sound like the ideal candidate for the laser procedure. given your age and if your skin tone is not ideal the laser can make the difference.

Sherwood Baxt, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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